Welcome to Furney’s Nursery

Inspiring Gardeners in the Pacific Northwest for over 60 years! Furney’s Nursery is the largest garden center in South King County, providing you with the best plants, expert advice, garden supplies, and outdoor living you’ll find anywhere!

Excellent Plants

Furney’s Nursery has been growing your favorite trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials for over 60 years, so we know what it takes to produce top quality plants that will thrive in your home landscape! We have more than 135 acres of farmland and greenhouses, staffed with some of the most experienced growers around. Not only do we take pride in the quality of our plants, but we bring in a vast selection, so that you’ll see something new every time you set foot in our beautiful nursery!

Expert Advice

We strive to educate and engage with our customers by hosting events, classes and providing helpful information wherever we can. Come down to the nursery to talk to our talented garden professionals! You can also find lots of helpful information right here, on the website: seasonal tips, planting advice and more! Furney’s is committed to helping you to create beautiful, purposeful gardens.

Exceptional Ambience

When you visit the nursery, be prepared to be inspired! A walk through our beautiful nursery will have you feeling like the busy world outside has been left behind. With the sounds of waterfalls, windchimes, and wildlife in the background, you’ll wander through our beautifully designed displays, bursting with more color than you thought possible!

At Furney’s, we know you need the finest quality in plants as well as advice, gardening supplies and accessories! We provide everything you need to create that perfect garden. Come visit us today!