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November Newsletter


Coming Soon: New Organic Fertilizers at Furney’s Hello again gardeners!  This is Jason, one of the plant gurus at Furney’s Nursery.  I would like to take some time to tell you all about our new preferred fertilizer line- coming soon to Furney’s Nursery!  As you know, the folks here at Furney’s are always on the […]

Unusual and Beautiful: Japanese Maples

Fairy Hair Japanese Maple

We just received some very unusual Japanese Maple varieties that have us really excited! These are rare specimens that provide unique interest and beauty. They come from the Japanese Maple experts at Kellygreen Nursery and will all thrive in our climate. Take Note! We only have a limited supply of each variety so stop by soon […]

Indoor and Tropical Plants

Croton house plant

It’s that time of year when the landscape starts to quiet down and we put the garden to bed. Instead, we turn our attention indoors to tropical plants and other houseplants. Whether you like orchids and other specialty plants or you are looking for something to keep the air in your home clean, we have […]

May Newsletter: Spring is Spectacular!

lemon tree

It’s a beautiful month to be out in the garden! We hope all of you get outside as much as you can, as we transition into summer. It’s a great month to plant all your summer favorites and maybe even pick out some new ones. The expert staff at Furney’s Nursery are here, rain or […]

April Newsletter: Glorious Spring Gardens!

Acanthus mollis ‘Whitewater’

Spring has arrived in a big way, and Furney’s Nursery is celebrating the wonderful new season by bringing in mountains of cool plants that will leave you drooling with excitement!  If you haven’t been in to see us yet this year, be sure to stop on in!  The nursery is dripping with plants! Every day is an […]