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April Newsletter: Glorious Spring Gardens!

April Newsletter: Glorious Spring Gardens!

Spring has arrived in a big way, and Furney’s Nursery is celebrating the wonderful new season by bringing in mountains of cool plants that will leave you drooling with excitement!  If you haven’t been in to see us yet this year, be sure to stop on in!  The nursery is dripping with plants! Every day is an […]

March News: Showy Plants for March

White Icicle Currant

We can feel it, friends! Spring is in the air! From the crocuses in bloom to the return of migrating birds, the signs are everywhere. And it’s time to get ready! Whether you are building a whole new landscape or just want to add a touch or two, Furney’s Nursery can help you get the […]

February News: New Arrivals!

Fall Gold Raspberry

It’s a great month for planting and we are getting ready for it! Furney’s Nursery will be getting in many new and interesting plants throughout the month. Come in and see our wide selection of early spring favorites! It’s time to get the season going! Bareroot Roses We will have a full selection of gorgeous […]

Fragrant Shrubs


We have many exciting, fragrant plants that make their bloom debut in mid-winter. Check out a few of our favorites! Sweet Box (Sarcacocca confusa) This lovely dense evergreen shrub really shines in the Winter when it blooms with clusters of little white and pink flowers that fill the air with the sweetest aroma. It is […]

November Newsletter: Fall Gifts and Plants Aplenty!


Greetings, Garden Club Members! We hope you all are enjoying this incredible Autumn! The weather is still perfect for planting so be sure to get your fall bulbs in the ground as well as all types of trees and shrubs. We have a huge selection of plants here at the nursery right now! We are […]