Furney’s Plant Database

Want to learn about some really great plants? Looking for something that’s tough as nails or incredibly rare? Visit our Plant Database to get lots of information on some of our favorite plants! NOTE: Please call the nursery to check on availability for any plant featured here: (206) 878-8761

Check out these cool plants!

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanilla Strawberry’

It has long been said that April showers bring May flowers!  Well, here in the Pacific Northwest, April showers bring more showers!  Tired of dripping from all the rain?  Visit our huge indoor greenhouses where the only things dripping are the plants!  We have so many fabulous plants here that you’ll be drooling with excitement!  […]

Come see our “New and Unusual Plants” section

Sanguinaria canadensis

Come check out our new display to see these and other unusual plants in action! Blue Gentian (Gentiana acaulis) Photo thanks to Northscaping.com This unusual beauty is a low-lying perennial with spectacular flowers. Brilliant blue trumpet-shaped flowers with deep blue throats bloom in late spring. It has narrow, deep green leaves and grows in a finely-textured […]

Plant Spotlight: Chinese Paper Bush

Edgeworthia papyriferia

The Edgeworthyia Papyrifera, or Chinese paperbush, is a stunning specimen that produces fragrant fantastic flowers that are in bloom right now!  This deciduous shrub produces attractive bluish-green foliage on multi-stemmed branches. Flowers appear in late winter, the lovely yellow and white tubular trumpets acting as fragrant heralds to the coming spring. They bloom in dense […]

Gorgeous Twig Dogwoods

MidWinter Fire

These delightful shrubs have plenty of interesting color and lovely appeal throughout the warm season. But, contrary to most plants, they shine the best in the winter months. They are deciduous and therefore, lose their leaves in autumn. This reveals brilliant, bright stems that stand out against the bareness of winter. They look fantastic paired […]

‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia


      ‘Soft Caress’ is a lovely little dwarf Mahonia that has a number of attractive, outstanding features. It is a late-fall bloomer, with extraordinary, bright yellow flowers appearing when the weather cools. The bold sunny blooms are excellent for attracting hummingbirds to your garden! ‘Soft Caress’ is cold hardy to 10°F so it […]