Garden Calendar

January Garden Calendar

Tits Feeding In A Snowstorm

Happy New Year! The dawn of a new gardening year brings with it a renewed sense of optimism. Unfortunately, the weather outside so often punishes that optimism with cold winds, rain, and temperatures well below freezing. It is during January that this area sees many of its most damaging cold snaps. That…Read more »

February Garden Calendar

Plant your favorite bare-root rose varieties

Though it may seem that winter will go on forever, spring is just right around the corner! There is a lot to do in February to begin preparations for the gardening season. We have many tips and ideas for garden planning and seed-starting. February is also the time to go buy bare root roses! Keep reading…Read more »

March Garden Calendar

Buds appear on the trees in March

In March, it can be difficult to be patient. The days are beginning to warm and lengthen; a few buds appear on the trees and we are all quite through with the cold and the rain! There are several things we can do to get started on the season, although, in some cases it is prudent to wait. In March, we…Read more »

April Garden Calendar

April is a busy month in the garden

April is a busy month in the garden! The ground is ready for planting and many trees, shrubs and perennials are showing the signs of spring. New green growth and spring blossoms are everywhere you look. Now is the time to take action in the garden! Fertilize and prune your deciduous trees and shrubs….Read more »

May Garden Calendar


May is a month of wonder and excitement in the garden. The weather is warming. The days are lengthening. Flowers are finally in bloom, which brings out the bees and butterflies and maybe even the hummingbirds. It is a time for planting and preparing for the summer to come. In May, we can begin to prepare…Read more »

June Garden Calendar

Keep tending your garden and enjoy the budding summer

What a glorious month for gardening! In June, we harvest the end of our spring vegetables and enjoy the last spring bulb. Warm-weather perennials can be planted in June as well as any last tomatoes that need to get in the soil. This is also the time to keep an eye out for the teaming wildlife around…Read more »

July Garden Calendar

Get outside and soak up the sun

Family barbeques, backyard badminton and peaceful hammock naps: that is what the summer garden is all about! This is the time of year when our gardens are in full swing-and in full use! Get outside as much as possible this month, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty and vitality of your garden….Read more »

August Garden Calendar

If you fertilize or prune now, plants will experience a surge of new growth

Ah, the lazy days of summer. It’s the month where we kick off our sandals and just admire the garden…until there is work to be done. Luckily, in August, there is less work and more just maintenance and planning. In fact, some things should absolutely be avoided in August. No more pruning or fertilizing…Read more »

September Garden Calendar

Now is a great time to plant trees and think about great autumn foliage

Summer is winding down and the kids are going back to school. But, we still have many lovely warm days in September that should not be wasted! Keep harvesting those fruits and vegetables and plant any remaining fall crops. Now is a great time to plant trees and think about great autumn foliage. Keep…Read more »

October Garden Calendar

October means keeping up with falling leaves, mulching and planting cover crop

Fall is upon us and, with it, a new set of tasks for the active gardener. In addition to keeping up on the falling leaves, there are other end-of-summer clean-up jobs to be done, like mulching and planting cover crop. We also plant bulbs in October, as a little kiss goodbye to summer and a promise for…Read more »

November Garden Calendar

Get out there and enjoy the beautiful autumn foliage

The garden is a little quieter this time of year but there are still projects and chores, as always. There are also still many things to enjoy! The rain has returned, usually in full force, but there may still be a few greens to munch in the fall vegetable garden. Most get sweeter with the cold, too!…Read more »

December Garden Calendar

Dec centerpiece

As holiday cheer fills the air, we enter the darkest month of the year with, luckily, lots of exciting plants to explore! There are very few chores to do in the garden so we turn our focus indoors, to plants that can increase our enjoyment of the holidays in many ways! Read on for living gift ideas,…Read more »