How to Choose an Orchid Pot?

One of the most beautiful pot plants is the Orchid. And, many people will agree with us. Especially when the orchid is flowering.

However, one thing that you need to make sure about when you are purchasing your Orchid, is that you are purchasing the right Orchid pot as well. These plants can be purchased in pots, but this doesn’t mean that this is the right pot for them to grow and flourish in.

This is everything you need to know about how to choose an Orchid pot, why the right pot is important and other things that you should consider.

Does an Orchid Need a Special Pot?

When you are purchasing an Orchid plant, most of the time it comes in pots. Already flowering. So, most of the people think that the pots are correct and that they don’t need to worry about replanting the Orchid.

After a couple of weeks, the orchid starts to fade and isn’t flourishing anymore. The main reason is that the pot isn’t correct. Any orchids need special pots with special features to grow and to flower on a regular basis. If your orchids don’t stay healthy and die on a regular basis, this is where you need to start.

Things to Look for When Choosing an Orchid Pot

Now that you know that Orchids do need to have a special pot, you might be wondering what should you look for when you are choosing an orchid pot. With these features, you will get to know orchid pots better and will know what to look for, when you are purchasing the right pots.

Orchid Pot with Holes

There is one secret to purchasing the right Orchid pot. Drainage holes. The more the better. You will see that the pots that you buy the orchids in, doesn’t even have drainage holes, because this is display pots.

Making sure that people like what they see and to make the plant look beautiful. However, this is why your plant dies after a couple of weeks. You do need drainage holes in the pot. At least between 4 and 12 drainage holes.

Some Pots that will be Great for Your Orchid

Finding pots that have enough drainage holes isn’t hard. But, are there any other things that you should consider when purchasing your orchid plant?

There are different types of pots with drainage holes. Which ones are going to be best for your plant to flourish and to grow successfully? These are some samples of pots that you can consider purchasing.

  • Plastic pots. These pots are great. They keep the roots warmer in cold climates and can retain more moisture. However, they are lightweight and can tip over a lot easier.
  • Clay or terra cotta pots. Heavier pots that won’t tip over. Great to keep roots cool, if you have a hot climate. It breaks easily and most of the terra cotta pots only have one hole. That isn’t recommended for an orchid plant.

Buying Orchid Pot Guide

With this buying guide, you will know for sure that you are purchasing the right orchid pot. Making sure that your expensive, but beautiful plant stays healthy and flowering in-season. These are the things that you need to consider when purchasing the right orchid pot.

1. Ventilation for the roots is essential. The more holes the pot has, the healthier your orchid will be. When buying a pot without the right amount of holes, you can always make more holes if needed.

2. Smaller holes are better than medium and larger holes. This is because you want ventilation and not water and soil to fall from the holes.

3. The transparent pots are better options because the roots love sunlight. With the transparent pots, the roots will get more exposure to the sun. You can also place the orchid in a sunny place, where it can get some sunlight throughout the day.

4. Larger pots are always best. Even, if you have a small plant. The roots need space, but you need to be careful not to purchase too large. You can always replant the orchid if the pot is getting too small.

An orchid needs a special pot to grow and to thrive. With this guide, you are getting all the information about the right pot for an orchid. Then, you will know what type of pot to purchase when you are replanting your orchid again. Whatever pot you decide on, one thing is important. Ventilation holes. The more, the better.