Strawberries are delicate fruit that needs special fertilizers in order to grow large and to taste sweet. There are many different fertilizers available, but there are only a couple that will be great for strawberries. And, then you need to make sure that you are giving it correctly as well.

What is the Best Fertilizer for Strawberries?

The more information that you have about the best fertilizers for strawberries is, the better the change that your strawberries will be growing large and tasting great. This is everything you need to know about the fertilizers for strawberries.

Before you start fertilizing the strawberries

Before you can start fertilizing the strawberries, you need to make sure that you are testing the soil first. This is really important. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people are making when they are growing strawberries. They just start fertilizing the strawberries without doing a soil test beforehand.

With the soil test, you will see what type of fertilizer you will need to add to the soil. The moment that you have tested the soil, you can take the results to an expert, and they will make sure that you are going to get the right fertilizer for your type of soil.

When to fertilize the strawberry plants

Now, the question is when should you start to fertilize the strawberry plants. Should you start to fertilize the plant after the plant starts to flower, or before it starts flowering? This is another big mistake that people are making. If you are fertilizing the plants and soil incorrectly, the plants will not grow successfully.

When to fertilize strawberry plants?

Two weeks before you plant your strawberries, you need to fertilize the soil for the first time after you have done the soil test. And, you need to do the soil test again, just before you plant the strawberries.

Then, after six to eight weeks after you have planted the strawberries, you should add more fertilizer. You should just be careful that you don’t get any fertilizer on the plant, leave or flowers. You should add the fertilizer to the soil directly.

Different type of fertilizers that you can use on strawberries

Because of the different types of fertilizers that you can use on strawberries, it is hard to just name a couple of them. And, it will depend on the result of your soil test.

This is why it is recommended that if you don’t know the exact type of soil needed for strawberries that you should take the results to an expert. They will tell you what type of fertilizer you will need in order to have healthy growing plants.

There is a huge selection of high-quality fertilizers, all equally necessary for the strawberries. And, to just give you a couple of names aren’t going to be correct. You might end up inserting the wrong fertilizer, and make the soil incorrect for growing strawberries.

Organic fertilizers are always the better option

There are so many debates these days about organic products. Some are saying that this is a great alternative to normal fertilizers. While others are saying that you should never make use of organic fertilizers because they don’t contain the right amount of nutrients that the plant needs to grow.

However, with strawberries where the plant is so delicate, it is best to make use of organic fertilizers that aren’t as a hash on the plants as normal fertilizers. With organic fertilizers, you might pay more, but the results will be so much better.

When it comes to strawberries, there are a couple of things about their fertilizers that you need to know. This is to make sure that you are giving them the right type of fertilizer that will let the plants grow healthy and make the fruit sweet and delicious. With this information, you will have all the knowledge to start growing your own strawberries, making sure that the fruit is delicious and large.